Generic Wood Cab TV

Video stills pictured on the MDM are for display demonstration only. MDM's do not come with video installed. See the link below the youtube examples for instructions. A youtube tutorial is also available from that link.
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MDM's play video on power up and repeat until power down!  The small size of the MDM's make installation options easy and allow for a variety of locations to accommodate other mods you may have installed.  These displays require a 5v power source.  This can be found on Stern games  (not including SPIKE) by using the auxilliary plug on the right side of the cabinet, over the service box.  Other manufacturers (including Stern's SPIKE system) would require a power tap or adapter to receive 5v.  These power taps and/or adapters can be found through other vendors, such as or   

In order for your video to play at normal speed, the video needs to edited to 2.5x speed, not 2x like the other MDM's, and the display settings in the Graphics Composer needs to be set at 160 x 128, not 128 x 128.